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"The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can." Neil Gaimon


For those who enjoy listening to audio presentations, listening to conference talks is another way to learn more about unschooling.  Listen to your favorite talks when you need encouragement, reminders, or inspiration!  

Listen to them while you drive, doodle, rest, clean, or whatever it is that you like to do.  If you can't get to a conference, they may be the next best thing!  

Various recordings (many free ones): 

Pam Sorooshian's math conference presentation from Good Vibrations Conference (free audio file): 

Sandra Dodd's page of unschooling videos.  This is the best link to use to get to all of the links below (and more) if you'd rather click on them from one page:

Or try each link individually:
"A Big Noisy Peace" (about a loud, yet peaceful home) from September 7th, 2006

Part 1 Path To Unschooling 

Part 2: Unschooling & Real Learning

Part 3: The Universe Inside Your Head 

An older audio (over 12 years old):

Toronto Unschooling Conference Talks (free!): 
Recordings available for purchase: 

The Unschoolers Emporium has conference talks from the Toronto Unschoolers Conferences, WeShine Conferences, Life Is Good Conferences, Wide Sky Days (formerly known as Good Vibrations), and possibly others. 

An example of some favorite recordings: 

Kelly Lovejoy's two presentations and Laura Flynn Enders presentation from the Life Is Good Conference in 2011- (though all talks were good ones!)

The Kids are Fine; You’re the Problem
Laura Flynn Endres
Too often, new unschoolers focus solely on what the kids are
doing (or not doing) when really, kids are natural unschoolers.
When not micro-managed to death, kids have plenty of ideas
about how they should spend every waking minute and are little
learning sponges. So what’s the hang-up? Why all the worry?
Because we parents have a lot of baggage to work through,
baggage acquired through our own schooling experiences and
through living, most likely, in households where parents ruled
and kids followed the paths laid out for them. So let’s call it like
it is – the kids are fine, you’re the problem – and let’s examine
the major obstacles parents must overcome in order to fully
embrace the unschooling life. 55 minutes
The Dark Ages—Unschooling Tweens
Kelly Lovejoy
Tweens often seem to slink into the darkness, sleeping, eating,
and grunting. Unschooling tweens maybe even more so. This
cocooning stage is actually full of learning; and when they emerge
on the other side, they are primed and ready for the next big
stage. As unschooling parents, we can face this stage with patience,
understanding, acceptance, and humor. A little faith in
the process doesn’t hurt! 57 minutes
Unschooling: It’s a Mindset, Not a Skill Set
Kelly Lovejoy
Unschooling is not just how we approach education; it’s how we
approach life. We aren’t arming our children with a simple set of
skills, but a mindset that they are capable beings and can do
whatever they desire. 35 minutes

You can purchase a CD of all the 2011 LIG conference presentations through the LIG Conference Store for $45.00

Or for $25.00 you can get all 2011 LIG Conference talks to download immediately from the Unschooler's Emporium or purchase individual presentations for $5 each.  To purchase individual talks, look them up by the presenter's name.  

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