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Maine Laws and Homeschooling Forms

This is the main page as all the other links are from this one:

Requirements, Forms and Laws for Homeschooling in Maine
You can print off the "Notice of Intent" or Subsequent Year Letter" forms from this page.

Statutes for Homeschooling:

At the end of the school year and before Sept 1st, an assessment (test results or review letter) must be sent to your local Superintendent of Schools and also to the Department of Education in Augusta. The Subsequent Year Letter and assessment must be sent together. I suggest keeping a copy of each for your files.  

Superintendent Addresses can be found here:

State of Maine, Department of Education Contact Information: 

Pamela Ford-Taylor, School Enrollment Consultant
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023

Maine Department of Education (general phone number): 

Homeschool Consultant's direct line as of June 2017: 
Pam Ford-Taylor 207-624-6617

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