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"The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can." Neil Gaimon

Maine Studies

Some ideas for Maine Studies are listed below.

If you'd rather use a guide or for further activities and ideas, check out the Maine Studies book by Dianne Simmler

Further resources are listed on Diane's site here: 
Here are sample pages:

Or study what is of interest to do with Maine such as lighthouses geography and geology (go on hikes, explore a mine, read or watch something related to Maine's land, etc), learn about the food produced in Maine and visit some farms, go to the Common Ground Fair (there is so much offered at that event to do with living in Maine), look up info about Maine's industry in the past and present from the land and sea, learn about the coast, go picking for blueberries, go out with lobsterman/woman (there is a lobsterman in Rockland who does that, so I bet other people might do it elsewhere), visit the various Maine Museums  especially the Maine State Museum in Augusta as that has lots of information and exhibits.  

Attend talks such as the ones by author Donn Fendler of Lost on a Mountain In Maine if you think that would be of interest - he tours and talks.

Lost On A Mountain In Maine - Donn Fendler
The Maine library system has this book in many formats.

Lost trail : nine days alone in the wilderness / by Donn Fendler with Lynn Plourde ; illustrated by Ben Bishop. - The library has this book and it is a graphic novel!  (This is the new book.)

Learn about Wabanaki and Penobscot and other Indian cultures of Maine  

Arrow over the Door (Puffin Chapters)Paperback – July 8, 2002

by Joseph Bruchac (Author)
For young Samuel Russell, the summer of 1777 is a time of fear. The British Army is approaching, and the Indians in the area seem ready to attack. To Stands Straight, a young Abenaki Indian scouting for King George, Americans are dangerous enemies who threaten his family and home. When Stands Straight's party enters the Quaker Meetinghouse where Samuel worships, the two boys share an encounter that neither will ever forget. Told in alternating viewpoints, The Arrow over the Door is based on a true story. 

The Damariscotta River Association often has programs in the fall to do with Penobscot Indians

Visit other historical sites and learn about our military history - stop by some of those brown signs!  

Go to some of our state parks. Fun to explore! Lots to learn!

There are Maine State Park Passes that you can purchase which give you access to all of our state parks. For one vehicle, it's seventy dollars per year or you can purchase an individual park pass (for only one person) for thirty five dollars a year. Park passes are available for purchases at state parks or when you do your income taxes.

Check out the Maine State Passport program! You can get a Maine State Park Passbook for $1 and then get stamps at the various parks to earn stickers or even a vehicle pass!

The Botanical Gardens in Boothbay are lovely - lots of interesting plants, a wonderful children's area with books, hands on activities, and things to climb, jump on and explore.  Maybe you will get a ride on the golf cart too!  At least once a year, the Botanical Gardens are free to Maine residents.  

Puffin trips out of New Harbor or Port Clyde are exciting!  Whale and seal sight-seeing cruises too!

Learn about Maine's archaeology and dig for rocks and minerals.  Archaeology information for Maine: 

Here is a site that looks full of ideas: 

A great Maine government site to explore: 

"So You Think You Know Maine" trivia board game
(Thank you Teresa Robbins!)  
I can't find where to purchase the board game...if anyone finds out, please email me at - Thanks!

So You Think You Know Maine (book) - by Neil Rolde
Available through the Maine Library Lending System (MINERVA).
You can use the book to play a Maine trivia game.
Instructions are included at the beginning of the book.

MPBN website has lots of videos from "Home: The Story of Maine" and a timeline and more:

Sixteenth Maine at Gettysburg (pbs documentary):

Bake some "traditional" Maine foods if you enjoy baking or go or have your own clambake.  

Look up Maine authors and or books to do with Maine - Stopping to Home, Lost On a Mountain in Maine, We Took To The Woods, Like The Willow Tree.  Like The Willow Tree was one of our favorite books we listened to in 2012 on cd.  After listening to it we visited the Shaker Community in New Gloucester, ME is another link that might be useful.  

Go to the Penobscot Narrows Observatory and then visit Fort Knox:  

Visit Montpelier in Thomaston 
or Old Fort Western in Augusta  
or the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor
The Wilson Museum in Castine is nice too.
Some of these places may offer interesting programs or events that you might like to attend.  

Also encampments and reenactments may be fun (think Montpelier might have one coming up) - you can google dates for encampments in Maine too.  
Fort Knox's event calendar: 

Civil War encampment at Camden Public Library/Harbor Park
Friday August 19th through Sunday August 21, 2016 featuring Company B of the 20th Maine Infantry Volunteers and the 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment.

Free Walking History Tours of Camden, Maine - 4pm Friday's 
The Camden Public Library and the Camden Area Business Group will again host free walking tours of downtown Camden every Friday at 4:00 pm, June 24 through September 9. The tours begin on Atlantic Avenue at the Children’s Garden of the library and end at the Opera House. The tours are free and last approximately an hour; donations are appreciated, and reservations are encouraged; please call the library at 236-3440 or stop by the Circulation Desk.

If you are interested in documentaries, programs or videos to do with Maine, post to a homeschooling group to get suggestions or ask your librarian.  

On this link, Andre was one of the movies we have seen:    

"In the Blood" (to do with logging):  
Here's an article about the "In the Blood" documentary: 

Here's another site:
(for "Cider House Rules" and "Peyton Place").

Another interesting link for general ideas:

Teaching history (though not specifically Maine history) with movies: 

Get to know Maine by skiing and skating on it's slopes, swimming in it's rivers, ponds and lakes or dogsledding on it's trails!  Now that's a hands on way of fun learning!  

The WinterKids site offers discounts at selected areas for children to participate in various winter activities such as skiing, skating, tubing and dog-sledding.  WinterKids Passports can be purchased for students in 5th through 7th grades.  At some locations, siblings accompanying the student can get a discount as well and on Passport Family Days, the whole family may get a discount.  
For pre-school through 4th grade, a FunPass can be purchased which gives three free visits to selected areas. 
FunPasses and WinterKids Passports are available October 1st.

Family Quests (this one in Rockland Harbor in Rockland, ME):

Bethel Maine Hostel - A homeschooling family posted this in 2012 and I thought I'd include it in case anyone is interested in exploring western Maine or taking advantage of some of the activities in that area.  Sounds like they would have many ideas of what is available to do in their area (even if you aren't interested in a workshop) and might be able to offer an affordable getaway at the same time.  Here are some of the links to their place and the original post: 

Hi everybody, Bethel Maine Hostel is a...
Deborah Doyle9:33am Aug 29
Hi everybody,
Bethel Maine Hostel is a wonderful lodging place in Western Maine with a self-catering kitchen. It's owned by a veteran homeschool family - US! :) We offer week long documented Maine Studies credits customized to your group. We have lots of homeschool workshops available and we just have good ol' outdoor fun in our backyard. If we can help you in ANY way, just give us a call! Check out our FB page-Bethel Maine Hostel.

Check out the History page for more ideas: 


NEW as of summer 2016!!! Check this out!! Esp if you live in the mid-coast Maine area - 

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